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UP Will Enforce Arrests For Marijuana

Chief of Police Steven Siena is now having SUNY Old Westbury university police arrest students on campus if an officer finds someone smoking marijuana. “I told my staff that I expect an arrest to be made,” Chief Siena said. Although not documented anywhere in the Code of Student Conduct, Chief […]

How OW Alumna Andrea Navedo Turned Her Life Around

How OW Alumna Andrea Navedo Turned Her Life Around

Andrea Navedo stars as Xiomara Villanueva in the hit CW show Jane the Virgin. Navedo received her bachelor’s degree in theater, a major that no longer exists, at SUNY Old Westbury. Navedo said, “I went to Old Westbury because it was the only school that took me. I applied to […]

The New Microsoft Email System: Popular Or Not?

A random poll by The Catalyst revealed that an overwhelming majority of students, staff, and faculty are dissatisfied with the Microsoft Office 365 system that was introduced during the summer. The former Gmail system was preferred. Following are the responses: “I hate it. It’s annoying, slow and unproductive.” Banusa Sivanesathasan, […]

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Towards a Better Residential Community

Despite the disappointment from students about the closing of the Academic Village, Director of Residential Life Gareth Shumack promises improvements in the Woodland Halls. The first specific change that has been made is a renewed Wi-Fi connection in the lounges. As of next semester, there will be central Wi-Fi throughout […]

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DEADPOOL Ryan Reynolds playing the role of rebellious superhero Deadpool is as fitting as Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine. The fans’ favorite Marvel creation does a spectacular job hitting every moment of satire throughout the film as he continuously breaks the fourth wall to show viewers how much he cares about […]

Food for Heroes?
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Food for Heroes?

Would you be able to eat  the food in the picture above? Does it even look fit for human consumption? Well, that’s what’s being served to members of the Navy. The quality of the food which America’s Navy consumes is dreadfully poor. United States sailors, while aboard a ship, working […]

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I am Privileged?

You can dress it up. You can put a wig on it. You can unload mountains of money into invasive surgeries and change the name. but let’s be honest with each other: White, upper class privilege, at the level of Caitlyn Jenner’s, will always rear its sanctimonious head. In the […]

Pray For What: Hundreds of Unspoken Terrorist Attacks Since November
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Pray For What: Hundreds of Unspoken Terrorist Attacks Since November

Since the fateful Paris terrorist attacks in November, hundreds of other attacks have occurred around the world with ISIS and Al-Qaeda taking the brunt of the blame, willingly so. However, many of the attacks since November have flown under the radar. Bluntly put, most of the attacks that have avoided […]


What to do After Graduation…

Many students are so focused on racing to the finish line to end their college career  that they don’t consider the question: What’s next? This question is extremely important to answer well before graduation.  I know, it’s anxiety provoking. But not to worry. Take a deep breath and take a […]