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Air Pods or Other?

On September 2016, Apple unveiled their latest gotta-have-it gadget, the AirPods. Apple’s innovative design features the highly anticipated wireless earbuds. After that, are they actually good headphones? In short, the $159 Apple AirPods are better than you’d expect. The seamless Bluetooth pairing is an easy one step process where you open the case and simply click connect on your phone and it is instantly connected. If your phone is also linked with iCloud, the AirPods will also be paired with any other devices connected to your iCloud such as iPods, iPads, and Mac Books. The AirPods are super lightweight and nestle nicely in your ears. The sound quality is great being that the bass to treble ratio is just right so the bass does not cause uncomfortable vibrations in the ear. They are so comfortable to wear that there are times I forget I have them on, or get startled whenever I get an email after I’ve had them in idle for a while. The drawback: its unique design renders them somewhat limited and occasionally frustrating. The earbuds have very limited controls such as no embedded volume control and similar priced wireless models deliver better sound. Its open design also makes the AirPods susceptible to ambient noise leaks. The AirPods definitely sound better in a quiet environment rather than listening to music in the subway. The bottom line? After looking past their ‘double-edged-sword’ design and the risk of losing an AirPod due to its size and smooth feel, Apple AirPods’ compact size, great sound and easy connectivity make for a winning combination.