More Life

The buzz about Drake’s latest release of his album “More Life” has stirred up plenty of controversy, some will say the album was a kill and others will shake their head in disappointment. While asking many college students, people either love it or hate it. The album with twenty-two tracks, includes two interludes, and featuring ten artists; many of which we are very familiar with and a select few who aren’t as recognized. He featured Giggs, Black Coffee, Jorja Smith, Sampha, Quavo, Travis Scott, 2 Chainz, Young Thug, Kanye West, and PARTYNEXTDOOR.

Drake drops this album not only with plenty of anticipation from the fans, but he delivers audio versatility with pop, trap, hip-hop, R&B, and even dance-electro. Many first impressions were from die-hard Drake fans which makes the opinion biased but even so, some fans as well as other audiences feel as though, “more life needed more life.” Collectively and neutrally I will say that the sound and flow of his album is appealing and somewhat a gallery of Drake from all of his previous albums. The album also samples one of J.Lo’s pop songs called “If You Had My Love” which was a hit, for many who know about the recent blog posts which practically broke the internet about the alleged affair between Jennifer Lopez and Drake, this caught many eyes and ears especially when he says “I drunk text JLo old number so I bounce back,” on the very first track of his album called Free Smoke. There are also rumors that J.Lo was originally supposed to be featured on the track “Get It Together” instead of Jorja Smith.

Many feel as though the anticipation for this album and the quality of the features did not balance.

All in all Drake does receive tons of love for the album, but it’s natural for fans who like a particular sound from Drake to be turned off at the idea of his album being so versatile, some would prefer one sound from Drake but we can’t win them all. He leaves his fans in the air with more anticipation due to his final track called “Do Not Disturb,” his last words were, “Maybe gettin’ back to my regular life’ll humble me I’ll be back 2018 to give you the summary. More Life,” and I must say it was a great way to polish the album. We shall see what comes next but for now we can enjoy the songs as they sky rocket the charts.