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The Jazz Standard

Upon entering the Jazz Standard, you will find a large door beneath a red neon sign which reads “Jazz.” Behind this door, a deep, dark stairwell which leads you to the venue. The stairs are lined with black and white photographs of legendary  Jazz musicians such as B.B. King.

You will feel lost in “La La Land,” as you step into the dim lit room. The space is quaint and seating is intimate which guarantees you a chance to really “feel” the music. There is a strict no phone policy, so don’t plan on sharing each moment via Snapchat. Turn off and tune in because you won’t want to miss a beat. Be prepared for some unpredictable, old school jazz and don’t forget to applaud after each solo (it’s customary).

The service at the Jazz Standard is mediocre. The staff although friendly, lacks attentiveness. The club offers a dining menu with southern comfort foods including: buttermilk biscuits, collard greens and mac and cheese. Prices range from $10-$35, the food is delightful. Their house ale, “Blue Smoke” pairs perfectly with the french fries (be sure to ask for the savory “cheese sauce” on the side). As for cocktails, nothing but your New York City average $14 drink. Factor in your ticket to the show, and the night will end up costing you quite a bit. Save a trip to the Jazz Standard for a special celebration. Ticket prices vary by talent. For those who work weekends, you’re in luck! You can catch a show any day of the week.

Purchase tickets online at: www.jazzstandard.com