The Tail of the Lucky Lady


Three-months-old, she was found tied to a chain link fence in Manhattan. It was a cold December night. A woman took her to the Riverside Animal Hospital where she received immediate care. They called her “Lucky Clover.” She’s a white foxhound with golden spots.

Following her rescue, she was shuffled from home to home. Each family that took in Lucky Clover gave up all too soon. She was rough around the edges. Her unruly behavior always landed her back at the animal hospital. It took six foster families for Lucky Clover to finally find her “furever home” where she was renamed “Lucky Girl.”

The curious foxhound was officially adopted by a Mr. Madjedi on April 1st, 2005. Mr. Madjedi called his daughter to tell her the good news. “Felicia, I got a puppy!” he said to his daughter. Felicia seamlessly went along with the “news,” later to find out Lucky Girl was no Fools Day prank. In fact, she was a new member of the Madjedi family.

After Mr. Madjedi passed, Felicia became the new owner of Lucky Girl, who at this point grew up to be a “Lucky Lady.” Felicia and her Lucky Lady spend their time at Hempstead Lake State Park. You can find them walking among the trails, sometimes even twice a day when the weather’s just right.

Lucky Lady has collected an array of names over the years, but around town she is best known as the “heroine.”

The “tail” behind her nickname is one to renown.

It was October 8th 2015. As Felicia and Lucky Lady arrived at the dog park, thunder struck. A fellow dog, so frightened by the noise, ran off into the woods leaving its owners behind. His name is Brody. The rain came down but that didn’t stop Felicia and Lucky Lady. They joined the owners in search of their young puppy. Pained with doubt, the owners lost hope. Felicia on the other hand, posted flyers around town and called the local veterinarians and animal shelters. As the days passed, they received a few vague calls from around the neighborhood, confirming that Brody had been seen. Nobody could bring him home, for he kept running.

Exactly one week after Brody ran away, Felicia had an idea. “Give me Brody’s toy,” she said to the owners. With the toy, Lucky Lady managed to retrieve Brody’s scent. That day, they went out looking for Brody near the address where he had last been seen. Felicia called his name, while Lucky Lady sniffed thoroughly. With wide eyes, she stopped abruptly. Her paws stiffened and she stood tall. “Brody must have been here,” Felicia thought to herself. She was worried if indeed it was Brody, he may scare at the sight of an unfamiliar face. There was a noise coming from the bushes. Felicia backed away slowly and frantically searched for her cellphone to call the owners. Without delay, Brody’s owners jumped in their car and drove to her location. They continued to call his name, while circling the block looking throughout each yard. At last, there he was. Brody. He jumped right into the backseat of the car, like he always did. Brody was found only blocks away from his home. The only thing that prevented him from making it there on his own, was the fence along the railroad tracks.