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Logan is so good that it won’t matter if you missed all other movies from the X-Men saga. In case you’re not a comic fan, you probably can’t beleive Wolverine has yet another movie. Forget everything you’ve seen before because this one should not be ignored. Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine […]

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The Jazz Standard

Upon entering the Jazz Standard, you will find a large door beneath a red neon sign which reads “Jazz.” Behind this door, a deep, dark stairwell which leads you to the venue. The stairs are lined with black and white photographs of legendary  Jazz musicians such as B.B. King. You […]

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Live Action Beauty and the Beast: An “Enchanting” Version of a Disney Classic

There are high expectations when a classic is remade and even more so when an animated movie is recreated in live-action form. Disney’s recent remake of the beloved movie Beauty and the Beast, has been highly anticipated since its announcement and it is safe to say it did not disappoint. […]

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Get Out

They say that the world is only black and white, no shades of gray, and this statement holds true for Jordan Peele’s “Get Out.” The film opens up with an unidentified African American male walking down an isolated suburban street, he appears to be getting directions on the phone from […]

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Remy vs. Nicki: Fair or Foul?

There are events in hip-hop that stand out as major moments for the art form. These times breathe new life into the atmosphere while reminding fans what the genre was built on. These moments are one of skill, creativity and competition. They are none other than beef records and New […]

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DEADPOOL Ryan Reynolds playing the role of rebellious superhero Deadpool is as fitting as Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine. The fans’ favorite Marvel creation does a spectacular job hitting every moment of satire throughout the film as he continuously breaks the fourth wall to show viewers how much he cares about […]