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Anjali Lama Challenging The Model Stereotype

The modeling industry is often criticized by the “company they keep” aka the models they sign. People say models are often too skinny, too tall, too white and/or too unrealistic, but Anjali Lama is changing the game. This Indian model is transgender and she slayed at the India’s Lakmé Fashion […]

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My Experience With Meitu, The Anime Photo Editor

Meitu is a Chinese photo editing app that has taken the U.S. by storm. This app not only allows it’s participants to do simple photo editing task but also turns your selfie into an anime character. Released March of 2013, Meitu has gained popularity over the last couple of weeks […]

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I am Privileged?

You can dress it up. You can put a wig on it. You can unload mountains of money into invasive surgeries and change the name. but let’s be honest with each other: White, upper class privilege, at the level of Caitlyn Jenner’s, will always rear its sanctimonious head. In the […]


What to do After Graduation…

Many students are so focused on racing to the finish line to end their college career  that they don’t consider the question: What’s next? This question is extremely important to answer well before graduation.  I know, it’s anxiety provoking. But not to worry. Take a deep breath and take a […]