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Burning Sands

Rituals, traditions, and life threatening extremes come to life in this drama-filled movie depicting the life of five students pledging an African-American fraternity. The movie shows the extremes of underground hazing on a college campus during the course of “hell week.” Burning Sands follows the initiation of Zurich “Z” Condoll […]


The Rise on Comedy Pages on Social Media

When you’re on Facebook and Instagram you can find anything to brighten up your day. A funny post from your friends, a hilarious meme, but most importantly a funny comedy video. I mean I don’t know how many times I’ve been scrolling down my news feed and seen such hilarious […]

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Live Action Beauty and the Beast: An “Enchanting” Version of a Disney Classic

There are high expectations when a classic is remade and even more so when an animated movie is recreated in live-action form. Disney’s recent remake of the beloved movie Beauty and the Beast, has been highly anticipated since its announcement and it is safe to say it did not disappoint. […]

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Anjali Lama Challenging The Model Stereotype

The modeling industry is often criticized by the “company they keep” aka the models they sign. People say models are often too skinny, too tall, too white and/or too unrealistic, but Anjali Lama is changing the game. This Indian model is transgender and she slayed at the India’s Lakmé Fashion […]

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Get Out

They say that the world is only black and white, no shades of gray, and this statement holds true for Jordan Peele’s “Get Out.” The film opens up with an unidentified African American male walking down an isolated suburban street, he appears to be getting directions on the phone from […]

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Remy vs. Nicki: Fair or Foul?

There are events in hip-hop that stand out as major moments for the art form. These times breathe new life into the atmosphere while reminding fans what the genre was built on. These moments are one of skill, creativity and competition. They are none other than beef records and New […]


Remy vs.Nicki

Since the 1980s, the music industry is no stranger to male rappers lyrically going head to head in a testosterone driven battle to disseminate who is the best at whatever title they conceived thus adding another notch to their belts. Rap battles have evolved into a sometimes vicious dismantling of […]

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The Public has Spoken: the Red iPhone

Apple released a red iPhone last Friday, March 24th, in support of finding a cure for HIV/AIDS. With the phone on the market for a week now, people have started to form their opinions on this cherry red phone. So what do people have to say about this brave new […]


Black Beauty

Beauty means “the quality of being physically attractive, according to the dictionary. But is that what it means to have beauty? There are certain individuals that we automatically associate with being attractive, like Rihanna but adversely consider someone like Leslie Jones to be ugly. Beauty is a subjective view that […]

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Panthers’ Russo named Skyline Conference Baseball Player of the Week

Old Westbury junior second baseman Jesse Russo has been named the Skyline Conference Player of the Week for game played March 20-26, announced Monday by league officials.  Senior right-handed pitcher Trey Pizzutello earned a spot on the Skyline Conference Weekly Honor Roll for the second time in his career. Russo, […]