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Online Course Evaluation


This semester SUNY Old Westbury is implementing their online course evaluations. There will be no more paper evaluations given out in class like past semesters, but students will still be given time to fill out their evaluations during class time. Last semester they tried out both the online and paper evaluations to work out the glitches but Academic Affairs is confident that this system is ready to go. There will be two ways students can get them done and that is through your school email or Blackboard account. You will be receiving an email on December 4th with a direct link to all your class evaluations as well as a YouTube link that will help show you how to get it done.

Student feedback is valuable and important for improved instruction. No criticism will be looked at as too harsh if you think it will help benefit the academic aspect of your class.  Last semester there was only a 29% response rate for the online evaluations that didn’t leave much constructive feedback. This new system will be convenient for students and there will be reminder emails sent to your school email everyday to remind you to complete it. Once you finish all your class evaluations you will no longer receive those emails, so the quicker you get it done the quicker you will no longer have to worry about the reminder emails. Academic affairs is hoping for a 100% response rate this semester, so it is up to us, the students, to help them achieve their goal and provide an evaluation of not just the class but the professor as well. The process is simple and you can do it on campus grounds or at home on your digital devices.