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Follow the Money: Dolar & DelGuidice on Budget, Deficits, and Debt

“Democracy is not a spectator sport…If you’re going to play the game properly you’d better know every rule.”

— Congresswoman Barbara Jordan

“It has never been more important to know the tax and spending rules/decisions of our government and what are the forces driving and changing those rules.”   — Dr. Thomas DelGiudice & Dr. Veronika Dolar, 

Dolar & DelGuidice of the PEL department will be hosting an “interactive discussion” about the budget, deficits and debt  on Thursday February 15th at 11:20 AM in NAB 1100.

Key Terms & Trends: Learn about the economic trends, data and key terms you need to know to “follow the money.”   Should we worry about big budgets and bigger deficits? Who gets to decide?  According to Dolar & DelGuidice,

“our government has made the decision to double the deficit by 2019 to over a trillion dollars a year and this when we are at the top of the business cycle. Beyond the sheer size and the vulnerability it creates for the country to address a future crisis or the next downturn, there is the very important issue of how we collect and spend the funds and what happens to working families going forward, the vulnerable and the prospects for our students’ generation. Finally there are so many ways that not knowing makes us a victim of the many clichés that get thrown around about deficits, taxes and spending.”

Ask the Economists!

Budgets, Deficits & Debt (Oh My!) on Thursday, February 15th at 11:20 AM in NAB 1100.