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I am Privileged?

You can dress it up. You can put a wig on it. You can unload mountains of money into invasive surgeries and change the name. but let’s be honest with each other: White, upper class privilege, at the level of Caitlyn Jenner’s, will always rear its sanctimonious head. In the […]

Pray For What: Hundreds of Unspoken Terrorist Attacks Since November
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Pray For What: Hundreds of Unspoken Terrorist Attacks Since November

Since the fateful Paris terrorist attacks in November, hundreds of other attacks have occurred around the world with ISIS and Al-Qaeda taking the brunt of the blame, willingly so. However, many of the attacks since November have flown under the radar. Bluntly put, most of the attacks that have avoided […]


What to do After Graduation…

Many students are so focused on racing to the finish line to end their college career  that they don’t consider the question: What’s next? This question is extremely important to answer well before graduation.  I know, it’s anxiety provoking. But not to worry. Take a deep breath and take a […]

Tracy Levels Up at the Apollo
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Tracy Levels Up at the Apollo

Tracy, as they are known, levels up in the third round at the famous Apollo in Harlem, singing a soulful version of Drake’s “Hotline Bling.” Tracy is a group of three sisters, two of which are SUNY Old Westbury’s very own, Junior and Resident Assistant Shijuan Williams,20 and Senior and […]